Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Can you provide me with a square foot cost?

While square foot costs are helpful to determine what you can afford prior to spending a lot of time, effort or money, it is better to determine what your wants and needs are, and approach the budget in a more strategical manner.  We do this by looking at your project from a conceptual standpoint. We take into account site location and conditions, type of construction, and upgrades you may be considering, to name a few. Once this is done, and the budget is within your expectations we move into Design and final quote.  If you have a plan, even better! We can go straight to quotation with no commitment from you or upfront cost.

Can You Provide Architectural Services?

For Commercial projects we engage a firm that can specifically meet the needs of your project.  We will work through the design phase alongside the Architect at no cost or commitment from you. If you are doing a Residential renovation or addition, we can provide design services.  We provide this service at no cost, however we do retain the rights of the design.


I Want to Build a New Home, Where do I Start?

Just contact us, we can lead you in the right direction to get started.  It is easier than most people think, and it can be a really great adventure!