Multifamily New Construction

Our company’s owner, Joe Frye, has notable experience building apartment complexes. If you would like to invest in real estate, apartments can allow you to retire early! On time and on budget, your money matters. Contact us today to find out where and when you could build your next empire.

Multifamily Renovation

Do you already own an apartment complex that is beginning to age? Don’t throw away that investment! We can rejuvinate the property so you can continue to see revenue and attract high quality tenants. We will conduct thorough structural inspections to ensure the integrity of the building, plumbing, electrical and HVAC. Then adding modern amenities and trendy trims complete the upgrade! Contact us today to come and look at your property.

Speculative Construction

Many a fortune has been made through real estate investing. If you have a keen eye for finding just the right place to build, or even if you don’t, we can help you build to sell. Spec houses go up fast, so your money isn’t tied up in the construction process. Our niche is “on time, and on budget”. Give us a call to discuss how you can get in on the current trends in the market.